the road less traveled

Every sound professional decision I have made can be traced back to my long journey with Dr. Greenwood.  Her guidance has been paramount to my success.  And it was fun! In addition to her brilliance, she is also hilarious.  She served up her coaching with a heaping dose of humor.

Working with Dr. Greenwood was inspiring.  Through our work together, she saw what I could not see, knew what I did not know, and guided me down unfamiliar paths until I saw the vision for myself.  She helped me leverage a varied skill set against opportunities for higher education that would eventually increase my annual income by more than 175%.  

This process, though long and protracted, ultimately yielded me two more master’s degrees.  As I advanced in my career in the public school system, my income increased, my pension grew, and my confidence as a self-rescuing professional skyrocketed.  She always reminded me to trust that my performance was more than enough, always well-above average, and that I had earned a seat at the table.  I now have nearly two decades of experience working with students with disabilities and their families.  As an educator, I support their academic goals.  As a counselor, I support the entire family with the challenges that disabilities bring.

So now, in addition to my work in public schools, I have a private practice specializing in students with disabilities — primarily Autism, ADHD, and Oppositional Defiant Disorder. I also counsel child survivors of sexual trauma and children whose parents are incarcerated.

Eventually, I did it.  I did it all.  With her support, I courageously chose my own path. Now, I am happier, healthier, more financially secure, more fulfilled, more confident, and peacefully content with my life.  Today I can relate to Robert Frost’s words: “I took the [road] less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”  

Alisa H., M.Ed., TSD, M.A., CSC, LAC | Salt Lake City, Utah