la vitæ loca

La vitæ loca directly translates as “the crazy life.” For those of us who reside in academia, this often rings true—even during the summer months.

La vitæ loca hails from the Latin expression curriculum vitæ, loosely translated as “the course of life.” A curriculum vitæ (or more commonly referred to as a vita or CV) is a document that reflects the course of one’s academic life. As the currency of academia, the vita is imbued with esteem in its chronicle of scholarly achievement, rank and status.

Yet the vita is itself a living document: Constantly changing and transforming along with the individual. The scholarly life ebbs and flows between meticulous intentionality and blissful serendipity.

It is within this constant vacillation within la vitae loca where the academic is most vulnerable.

And also most poised for growth.

Most academics or university administrators have probably never heard of an executive coach, much less used one. That is unfortunate, as coaches can offer the neutrality, perspective, discretion and feedback that colleagues, friends and family are often unable to provide.

Inside Higher Ed, April 2017

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