my credentials

I have worn many hats over the past 50 years. But to be fair, I have spent only the past 25 of those years in academia.

Across that career trajectory I have successfully navigated the roles of doctoral student, classroom teacher, professor, author, department chair, labor union vice president, administrative supervisor, university senator and director of a research collaboratory. Over the past 16 years I advanced from assistant professor to associate professor with tenure to my current rank of tenured full professor.

Outside the realm of academia I have also worn the hats of executive director, professional developer, technology consultant, web developer, and director of special projects for a non-profit organization. I hold bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Communication Studies and a Ph.D. in Media Ecology.

In my spare time, I am a single parent of 1 college sophomore, 1 college freshman, 1 high school sophomore, and 1 sixth grader—proving that it is actually possible for a female academic to “have it all.” Just not necessarily all at the same time.

Hence my tag line: la vitae loca.

You can access a more detailed biography and my curriculum vitae at

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