living la vitæ loca

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Vanessa E. Greenwood, Ph.D. © 2021

Don’t let the evaporation of professional development funding in higher education leave you at a career disadvantage.

With more than 25 years of academic experience, I provide clients with a 360-degree vantage point and professional scaffolding for next-level career advancement.
Let me help you:

  • craft a compelling curriculum vitae
  • persuasively argue why you merit reappointment, tenure, or promotion
  • assemble a comprehensive academic dossier
  • decipher performance expectations from your department chair, dean, provost or supervisor
  • achieve equilibrium across research, teaching and service activity
  • navigate university, college, school, department policies and procedures
  • balance the competing demands of an academic career with life as a human
  • mentor or be mentored
  • transnavigate multiple positions within academia
  • enter or exit the academic world

My clients include:

  • doctoral students
  • adjunct professors
  • instructional and clinical specialists
  • professional staff and administrators
  • tenure track professors
  • mid-career tenured professors
  • department chairs and directors
  • assistant and associate deans

I can help you level up your career.

Let’s get started.